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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Resources

This is a list of websites the provide drug and alcohol ilitation information. You can find a list of alcohol and drug website organized by U.S. states. These websites provides help or information on drug and alcohol abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, ilitation services and addiction treatment services.

Alabama | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington, DC | Washington | Wisconsin | Wyoming

Alabama Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Outreach Ministries of Alabama, Inc. - A Christian discipleship and ilitation for men who have life-controlling problems such as alcoholism and drug addiction. A free thirteen month residential program.
  • Rapha Christian Home - "Healing for the Hurting" - RCH is a Christ-centered drug, alcohol, and substance abuse recovery facility and ministry.

Arizona Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Alices Wonderland for Women in Recovery - Residential treatment center for women, located in Mesa.
  • Amity Foundation, Drug Rehabilitation - Residential and Prison Based Therapuetic Communities. Non-profit Foundation is holistic and comprehensive in approach and geared towards all cultures and genders. In Tucson, AZ.
  • Arizona Addiction Recovery Center - Provides treatment and continuing care services for persons who suffer from alcoholism and drug dependency.
  • Arizona Recovery Resources - We specialize in helping men and women of all ages find the appropriate treatment for addictions. In Prescott, AZ, but referrals available nationwide.
  • Desert Canyon - Ten bed facility uses a nontraditional approach to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Located in Sedona, Arizona.
  • Dynamic Living Couselling - Outpatient counseling agency specializing in DUI treatment, education, and screening with 5 offices based in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.
  • The Family House - Residential environment dedicated to providing men with the tools, structure, and support needed in their successful recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Located in Prescott, Arizona.
  • Jonny's House After Care Residences - Located in Orange County, California and Lake Havasu, Arizona. Details about the houses, rules, applications and links.
  • Last House on the Block - Non-profit, residential environment for men recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction in Prescott, Arizona.
  • The Meadows Institute - Addictive Recovery Center - Specializes in chemical dependency, obsessive compulsive disorder, codependency, sexual addiction, and related issues.
  • The New Foundation - Programs designed to provide services to children, aged eleven through seventeen, who are experiencing emotional and or behavioral difficulties as a result of substance, physical, and or sexual abuse. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Orion Recovery Center for Women - Extended care addiction treatment plus sober and transitional living programs for women in Prescott Arizona
  • Pia's Place - Pia's Place is a ninety-day extended care facility operated by women for women. Treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, PTSD, sexual trauma, dual diagnosis, sexual addiction, and related problems. Located in Prescott, AZ.
  • Prescott House - A facility for men who have successfully completed primary in-patient treatment for abuse. Offers a supportive environment that embraces the principles of 12-step programs. Located in Prescott.
  • Sedona Intensive - Personal growth alternative therapy. Eliminate addictions and compulsive behavior, resolve relationship conflicts. Sedona, AZ.
  • Sierra Tucson - Treats all addictions and mental or behavioral disorders. Individualized treatment uses medical and psychiatric services and Twelve Step philosophy. Accredited by JCAHO. In Tucson, AZ.
  • A Sober Way Home - Drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment and recovery facility for men and women in Prescott, Arizona.
  • Transitional Living Communities (TLC) - We provide a safe and sober living environment for the male substance abuser who wishes to become a productive member of society. Locations in AZ, NM, and NV.
  • Women In New Recovery - Women's residential recovery program with 130 beds, 11 locations in Arizona and Nevada. Offers details about the organization, components of the program, admission and guidelines and contact information.

Arkansas Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Family Service Agency, Arkansas - Providing counseling for marriage, group, family, substance abuse, crime victims, finances, debt management, alcohol and drug abuse, and many more issues.

California Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • 10 Acre Ranch - Nonprofit, residential drug and alcohol ilitation center located in Riverside, California.
  • Addiction Medical Group - Offers treatment for chemical dependency, including Rapidly Accelerated Opiate Detoxification, for opiates such as heroin, morphine, codeine, methadone, opium, vicodin and percocet.
  • Addiction Therapists of Los Angeles - Offers outpatient therapy treatment for drug, alcohol and other addictions, exclusively tailored for dependent individuals and their families.
  • Aegis Medical Systems, Inc. - Owns and operates a network of Narcotic Treatment Programs in California, treating heroin and other drug dependencies on an outpatient basis.
  • Alternatives for Better Living - Alcohol, drug abuse, and anger management counseling for adolescents and adults in Napa.
  • The Amends Center of Long Beach - Twelve Step based residential sober living for men. Explains services, resident requirements and meeting information.
  • Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment Inc. / California Detoxification Program, Inc. - Comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment in Northern California.
  • Better Your Best - Quality resources for executives, professionals and others struggling with substance abuse, addictions, compulsive behaviors, burn-out, stress and other issues.
  • Betty Ford Center - Offers treatment for women, men, and children beginning recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, and chemical dependency. Located in Rancho Mirage, CA.
  • Bill Cullen - An intervention service for those needing help with alcohol or other substance abuse.
  • Brookside Institute - Treats chemical dependency treatment with naltrexone on an outpatient basis. Located in Orange County.
  • Cabrito House for Men - Our purpose is to provide a sober living environment for those men who suffer from the killer disease of alcoholism. Located in Canoga Park, CA.
  • Carol Delacruz - A preferred drug and alcohol interventionist of the Betty Ford Center. Located in Bay Point, California.
  • Chapman House - Residential and outpatient chemical dependency treatment center in Orange County, CA. State licensed and certified. Addiction treatment team works with underlying issues, as well as psychiatry for dual-diagnosis issues.
  • Clearview Treatment Programs - Drug and alcohol treatment. Assistance with life skills. Alternatives such as yoga and meditation.
  • Coastal Recovery Living - Residential treatment program consisting of three tracks, primary residential, outpatient, and extended care. Located in Newport Beach, California.
  • Comeback Drug Treatment Centers - Anaheim and Garden Grove drug centers offering addiction treatment, alcohol recovery and dual diagnosis treatment. Details facilities, activities and staff backgrounds and credentials.
  • Cornerstone - Offers inpatient and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment programs in southern California.
  • CRC Health Corporation - Rehabilitation facilities and online counseling provide substance abuse treatment to adults and adolescents who suffer from alcohol addiction and drug abuse.
  • Cri-Help - Drug and alcohol treatment center for men and women. Treatment is funded by the state, and covered by all managed care companies. In North Hollywood. [May not work on all browsers.]
  • Dallas Taylor - Musician Interventionist - Dallas Taylor, former Crosby Stills and Nash musician and recovered addict, is a practicing interventionist and drug counselor, working with recovering addicts.
  • Delancey Street Foundation - A long-term residential treatment facility for hardcore drug addicts and alcoholics run entirely by the ex-addicts who changed their lives there. In San Francisco, CA.
  • Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center - Provides substance abuse and mental health services, regardless of ability to pay.
  • The Discovery Program - Detoxification and sober living home for men, offering recovery, support, and drug treatment for recovering alcoholics and addicts.
  • Drug Alternative Program (DAP) - Residential Christian home offering drug and alcohol recovery and programs for adult men. Inpatient services utilize a holistic approach to addiction. Grand Terrace, CA.
  • - Provides outpatient substance abuse treatment services to 1st, 2nd, and multiple DWI offenders, as well as other drug-related offenders. In Slidell, Los Angeles.
  • Eaton Canyon Treatment Center - A licensed, certified, and CARF accredited residential treatment estate. Near Pasadena, CA.
  • Effective Options - Facilitates interventions for the families of substance abusers, and provides recovery resources and nutritional information concerning addiction and recovery.
  • The Effort - Provides alcohol and drug addiction treatment services in Sacramento, California. Read alumni recovery stories, and learn about drug addiction and treatment options.
  • The Epiphany Center - List services which include a women's outpatient recovery program, detox acupuncture, transitional housing, family reunification support, shared family care, in-home family visiting, and therapeutic care for drug-exposed infants.
  • Expedition House - Offers alcohol and drug treatment and ilitation, alternative sentencing, work release, and sober living. In Anaheim, CA.
  • Faith House Sober-Living Homes - Several clean and sober residences in San Diego that offer a structured format to support those who are seeking transitional housing.
  • Find a Therapist, California - Find a mental health professional in California from detailed profiles for in office or online counseling.
  • F.R.E.E: Family Recovery Thru Education and Empowerment - Offers group presentations for individual and professional recovery experiences. In Visalia, CA.
  • Freedom Ranch - 50 bed residential treatment facility for adult males recovering from alcohol and substance abuse, located in San Diego.
  • Full Spectrum Recovery - Offers a nonjudgmental approach to alcohol and drug problems. Located in Santa Barbara.
  • Harm Reduction Therapy Center - This treatment is based on the belief that chemical abuse develops in each individual from a unique interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors.
  • Heart Alcohol and Drug Counseling Services - Southern California based individual counseling services providing assistance to persons in recovery struggling to understand self, addiction and recovery.
  • Hope By The Sea - A quiet and professional facility for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Provides a safe and confidential environment to achieve individual recovery goals. In Laguna Niquel, CA.
  • Humboldt Recovery Center - Information about a fully licensed and certified residential ilitation facility for motivated men and women who wish to develop an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. Located in Eureka, CA.
  • Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center - Real-world programs for treatment of substance abuse and addiction problems
  • Inland Valley Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services - Provides residential, outpatient, and sober living for men, women, and women with chidren. Located in Upland California.
  • Jeff VanVonderen - Information about workshop, consultation on addictions, abuse, and recovery. Family and Corporate interventions and training.
  • La Vista Wholeness and Recovery Center for Women - Offers a social-model program for drug addicted women. Located in San Jacinto.
  • Liberty House - Sober living home for men, offering recovery, support, and drug treatment for recovering alcoholics and addicts. In Los Angeles.
  • Lifestyles Recovery Center - Non-profit corporation in Pasa Robles, CA that provides free group sessions and individual counseling for drug and alcohol addiction.
  • London & Pacfic Healthcare Development Inc. - A healthcare development and business consulting firm experienced in leveraging growth and revenue generating potential in existing and new healthcare companies. Located in London, England and Los Angeles.
  • Matrix Institute on Addictions - Seeks to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by alcohol and other drug use through intensive outpatient treatment, education, and research. Five locations in California.
  • Med Pro Executive - Drug and alcoholism treatment for executives and professionals. Therapy and wellness approach. Located in Orange County.
  • Michael's House - A low-cost in-patient center for chemically dependent and dual diagnosed men. Located in Palm Springs.
  • Mike Ferguson LCSW - Drugs and alcohol are often used as a way of self-medicating a mental disorder. Addiction is used as the solution to the problem, it is the wrong solution, so it becomes the problem. Witts Inn Behavioral Health is a residential treatment program that addresses addiction. In Long Beach CA.
  • Miracle Recovery Centers - Programs and treatment for individual diagnosis of alcoholism and or drug abuse.
  • New Beginnings Recovery Treatment Center - Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Los Angeles and certified by the state Department of Alcohol and Drug Program to provide outpatient alcohol and drug treatment services.
  • New Dawn Recovery Centers - Treatment and care for women, men, teens, and families beginning recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse. Sacramento, CA and surrounding counties.
  • New Directions - Outpatient drug and alcohol counseling and other mental health related services. Multilingual programs are available in Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Located in La Mirada, CA.
  • New Directionsfor Women - Not-for-profit residential treatment and recovery facility helping women with alcohol and drug dependencies, located in Costa Mesa, CA.
  • New Found Life Residential Treatment Center - Residential treatment center located in Long Beach, CA for men and women suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • Newport Harbor Recovery - Recovery home located in Orange County, California.
  • Oasis Treatment Center - Drug and alcohol dependency recovery center located in Anaheim, CA .
  • Options Unlimited - Private substance abuse and addictions counseling. Located in Newport Beach and Corona del Mar.
  • Pacific Hills Treatment Centers - Provides an affordable treatment of substance abuse. Either Christian or traditional twelve step recovery.
  • Pacific Park Recovery Center - A drug and alcohol treatment facility with a wide range of services. Inpatient and Outpatient primary care, supportive recovery home environment, and extensive experience with alternative sentencing.
  • Paradigm 2000 Medical Group - Outpatient facility for the individualized treatment of alcoholism. Palos Verdes Peninsula.
  • Passages Malibu - A drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility, located in the secluded setting of Malibu, California, utilizing the expertise of over 25 therapists.
  • Pemarro Rehabilitation - A special kind of treatment in a kind and special place. Located in California.
  • PharmaTox - Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our clients, the success of our customers, and the well being of the community.
  • Practical Recovery Services - Individualized treatment for addictive behavior. Located in La Jolla.
  • Promises Malibu - Our treatment of addictions assists drug addicts and alcoholics come to terms with their addictions and return to a productive life. Located in Mailbu, California.
  • Promises Westside - Details about this 12-Step based treatment center for men and women suffering from addiction, alcoholism, drug dependency and substance abuse. Included the programs, philosophy, alumni and contact details.
  • Rancho L'Abri Treatment Center - Non-hospital based treatment program for the chemically dependent and dually diagnosed individual. Near San Diego.
  • R.D. MacFarlane - Professional medical care in addiction medicine. Located in San Diego. Specializing in drug addiction and alcoholism. Expertise in treatment of prescribed benzodiazepines and opiates. Providing ambulatory, outpatient and residential services.
  • Residence XII - A dependency treatment program designed to meet the needs of chemically dependent women, offering intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment, as well as continuing care.
  • Restoring Unity - Dedicated to helping heroin addicted pregnant women find treatment for heroin addiction. Marina Del Rey, California.
  • Safe Harbor House For Women - Recovery home for women who are serious about turning their lives around.
  • Scripps McDonald Center - Offers drug ilitation and alcohol treatment in La Jolla, CA.
  • Seacliff Recovery Center - An extended care treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction. South of Los Angeles.
  • S.I.S.T.E.R. - A program for women located in West Oakland. Offers an overview, stories, location and contact details.
  • A Sober Future - Alcohol and addiction counseling services in southern Orange County, California.
  • Sober Living By The Sea Treatment Centers - Recovery and residential treatment programs. Dual-diagnosis for drug and alcohol-related dependencies are offered. Newport Beach, California.
  • Sober Living for Men - Located in central Orange County and west Los Angeles, and provides transitional housing for recovering alcohol and other drug addicted men.
  • Sober Living Home - A structured sober living home for men.
  • Soloman, Stern, & Glatt - Office based Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine practice providing comprehensive care to our patients. Located in South San Francisco.
  • Solutions by the Sea - Full service drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Newport Beach.
  • South Coast Recovery - Offers a program for those who need a supportive recovery environment in which to live for a period of time to readjust their lives.
  • Spencer Recovery Centers - Residential drug and alcohol treatment center located in Laguna Beach, California.
  • Spencer Recovery Centers - Drug treatment center located in Montrose.
  • St. Helena Center for Health - Alcohol and drug abuse treatment center. Situated in Deer Park, CA.
  • The Stepping Stone - Since its founding in 1962, it has provided a residential setting for women in the early stages of recovery from alcoholism. San Francisco.
  • S.T.E.P.S. - Sober Living Berkeley - Sobriety Through Education and Peer Support is a clean and sober transitional housing facility for people 18 and over in Berkeley, California.
  • Substance Abuse Foundation of Long Beach - A non-profit drug and alcohol treatment center that provides residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and drug and alcohol free housing (sober living).
  • Sunrise Recovery Ranch - 30-day, all-male facility near Riverside, CA that provides drug and addiction recovery programs based on the 12-step method.
  • Support Systems Homes - Drug and alcoholism centers in northern California. Offers detoxification as well as residential, day, and outpatient treatment programs. Site includes general information on addictions and recovery. [Portions require Flash.]
  • Tarzana Treatment Centers - Provides services for medical detoxification, residential ilitation, outpatient, youth, sober living housing, prevention, mental health, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse education, family medical clinic, women and children, family counseling, and domestic violence. Los Angeles County, Reseda, Northridge, Long Beach, Lancaster, and Tarzana.
  • Trust and Triumph - A safe environment for anyone seeking help from alcohol or substance abuse. Meetings in San Rafael.
  • Twin Town Treatment Centers - Provides treatment for chemical dependency and has four sites in Southern California.
  • VIA Ranchcare - Alcohol and drug free lodges. Located in Los Molinos.
  • Victory Outreach Santa Rosa - Drug and alcohol ilition treatment homes in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Visions Adolescent Treatment Center - Adolescent drug addiction, eating disorder and alcoholism treatment center, located in Malibu California. Family treatment, equine therapy and anger management programs.
  • Waismann Institute - Rapid detox treatment for dependencies to oxycontin, methadone, heroin, stadol, percocet and all opiate prescription painkillers.
  • Walden House - Non-profit, comprehensive substance abuse treatment center in San Francisco and throughout California, serving adults and adolescents since 1969.
  • West Coast Recovery - Residential drug and alcohol treatment center founded on 12-step principals, located in San Jose, CA.
  • Weyland Consultation Services - Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for adults and adolescents, offering education and prevention programs in the northern state.
  • Witts Inn - A managed residential treatment center in Dana Point. It utilizes medical intervention in conjunction with education, therapy, family support, and 12-step programs.
  • Women's Odyssey Organization - Offers a supportive, social model residential alcohol/drug recovery program licensed by the state of California in the Los Angeles area.

Colorado Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Center for Renewal - Licensed substance abuse program for teens and adults. Intensive outpatient treatment in small groups. Locations throughout Metro Denver area.
  • Colorado Medical Detox - Specializes in the detoxification of clients dependent on heroin, methadone, and/or prescription narcotics using the Rapid Opiate Detox (ROD) procedure and the Buprenex injection method.
  • Harmony Foundation - Freestanding, residential substance abuse program for adults. Twelve Step based program based on group therapy providing support at a reasonable cost.
  • Lighthouse Training Center - Details about the Creative Approaches Program specializing in treatment of drug and alcohol addiction co-occurring with chemical dependency. Located in Englewood.
  • Mountain Meadow Counseling - Evergreen, Colorado therapist for individuals, couples, men's issues, and group services. Special focus on substance abuse.
  • Sobriety House - Drug and alcohol treatment programs for men and women, located in Denver, CO.

Connecticut Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers, Inc. - ADRC provides high quality alcohol and other substance abuse services for adults of the capital region to help them achieve lasting sobriety and a better quality of life, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • LifeLinx - Reduces substance abuse through relapse prevention. Located in Guilford, CT.
  • Morris Foundation - Treatment, prevention, and support services to adults, children and families affected by alcohol or other drugs and related mental health problems. Located in Waterbury, Connecticut.
  • Mountainside Treatment Center - A drug and alcohol treatment center based in Canaan, CT.

Delaware Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Focus Healthcare - Alcohol and drug addiction treatment and ilitation programs. Residential facilities in Georgia, Delaware, Ohio and Florida.
  • PACE - An organization of professionals qualified to treat addiction disorders and related mental health issues. Located in Wilmington and Dover, DE.

Florida Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Advanced Medical - Details about a new medication approved by FDA for opiate dependency called Buprenex. Clinics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Wilton Manors, Florida.
  • Advanced Recovery Center - Specialized extended residential treatment program in Delray Beach, FL.
  • Alternatives in Treatment, Inc. - An addiction treatment and facility. Includes description of services and contact details.
  • Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches - A licensed and accredited treatment center in West Palm Beach. BHOPB treats adolescents and adults for alcoholism, drug addiction, and behavioral disorders.
  • Born Anew Corporation - Alcohol and drug addiction residential recovery program located in West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Bridges of America - Successful and cost-effective drug and alcohol ilitation for convicted felons. Orlando.
  • A Brighter Side - Information about recovery homes in Southwest Florida, as well as links to over 2000 recovery resources.
  • Brookhaven Hospital - Offers inpatient and outpatient treatment to individuals experiencing a variety of mental health problems, including chemical dependency and eating disorders.
  • Challenges Addiction Treatment Program - An addiction treatment program located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, providing a full range of services for adult men and women.
  • Choices Counseling Center - Provides a day, night, and outpatient facility dedicated to the treatment and prevention of alcohol and drug addiction recovery. Located in Fort Pierce, Florida.
  • Clearwater Treatment - Drug and alcohol abuse treatment center located in St. Pete Beach.
  • The Crossroads Club - Information about this drug and alcohol addiction recovery club in South Florida. Includes a schedule of meetings for 12 step groups, special events and contact details.
  • Florida Detox - Rapid Detox - Anesthesia assisted detox from any opiate or narcotic analgesic including synthetics. In Tarpon Springs, FL.
  • Focus Healthcare - Alcohol and drug addiction treatment and ilitation programs. Residential facilities in Georgia, Delaware, Ohio and Florida.
  • Foundations of Broward - Adult Alcohol and Drug Free Community - Residential facility structured for men and women who are serious about recovery from substance abuse.
  • Freedom Quest - Offering interventions and recovery help. Find a local drug or alcohol abuse treatment center and free information on how you can receive help.
  • The Friary of Lakeview Center, Inc. - Treatment of alcohol and drug dependencies and related problems. Residential treatment center located outside of Gulf Breeze on Pensacola Bay.
  • Growing Together - Long term teenage residential treatment of drug, alcohol, and behaviour disorders. In Lake Worth, FL.
  • Gulf Coast Recovery - Residential treatment that specializes in alcohol dependence and drug addiction. In Treasure Island, FL.
  • HealthCare Connection of Tampa, Inc. - Specializing in the treatment of addictions and related disorders.
  • Helen Harte House - A halfway house dedicated to women for the treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, and depression. In Boynton Beach, FL.
  • Holistic Addiction Treatment Center - Drug addiction treatment and ilitation. Inpatient, detoxification, outpatient, and long term treatment. Located in North Miami Beach.
  • Honesty House Transitional Housing. - Transitional affordable housing for men newly in recovery in Florida. Based on a 12 step recovery program.
  • Hyde Park Counseling Center - A long term residential center for women suffering from chronic chemical dependency and/or eating disorders. Located in Tampa Florida.
  • Know Choices Counseling Center - Information and message board about this Winter Park treatment center.
  • Lifeskills of Boca Raton - Provides residential treatment for adults with dual-diagnosis (chemical dependency and psychiatric) disorders.
  • Miami Counseling & Resource Center - A mental health treatment center, with psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, and other counselors. Services, staff, and contact information.
  • The Palm Beach Institute - Treatment for alcoholism and chemical dependency provided in a continuum of care model.
  • Pathways to Recovery - An alcohol and drug abuse treatment and ilitation center in Delray Beach, Florida, providing individualized and comprehensive treatment in a family atmosphere and oceanside setting.
  • PsychWorks - Provides traditional mental health care, and supports alternative means of health and healing. In Coral Spring, FL.
  • Recovery First, Inc - Offers alcohol and drug ilitation programs. Includes information about treatment options, interventions, EAP, assessments, and a drug index. In Fort Lauderdale and Fort Pierce, TX.
  • Recovery Resources, Inc. - Residental treatment for alcoholism and chemical dependency provided in a continuum of care model. In the Palm Beach area.
  • River Region Human Services - In-patient/outpatient services and programs for the treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and mental illness in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • SMART Recovery in Jacksonville Florida - A national, non-profit, abstinence-based program offering free self-help groups for recovery from addictive behavior. Not a twelve-step program. Based on cognitive-behavioral methods teaching people practical, proven self-management and recovery skills.
  • Southwest Florida Addiction Services - SWFAS provides effective, affordable, and comprehensive care to individuals and families impacted by addiction and other problem behaviors.
  • Stepping Ahead - Offers women quality 12 step structured residences for drug addiction and alcoholism in Palm Beach, Florida. Details about the facility, program rules, amenities and arrangements.
  • Stepping Ahead Recovery Residences for Women - We offer quality recovery residences and a 12 Step based structured program in Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Stepping Stone. - Alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, located on St. Pete Beach.
  • Stepping Stone of Tampa - A alcohol and drug abuse treatment center located in Tampa, FL.
  • Summer House - Provides a detox center, alcohol ilitation programs, and narcotic drug treatment in a Miami, Florida.
  • Tampa Bay Detox - Outpatient drug detox for opiates, heroin, methadone, pain pills, nicotine, and alcohol addiction. In Tampa, FL.
  • Transitions Recovery Program - Information about the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and the services offered.
  • Tri-County Human Services, Inc. - A private not-for-profit organization providing substance abuse and mental health disorders treatment to residents of Polk, Hardee and Highlands Counties. Includes description of services and contact details.
  • The Watershed Treatment Programs - Information about the treatment and care for people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and the services available for detoxification, ilitation, hospitalization, outpatient, prevention and education.
  • Windmoor Healthcare of Clearwater - Behavioral healthcare hospital, including inpatient, partial, and addictions treatment (alcohol, drugs, and gambling).

Georgia Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Bethesda House of Mercy - Betehesda is a biblically based residential facility for women at risk, specializing in all forms of addiction. Located in Southeast Georgia.
  • Focus Healthcare - Alcohol and drug addiction treatment and ilitation programs. Residential facilities in Georgia, Delaware, Ohio and Florida.
  • Focus Healthcare Facilities - Alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment information for facilities located in St. Simons Island, Georgia.
  • GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women - A women's halfway house for alcoholics and addicts in Albny, GA.
  • Metropolitan Serenity House - Recovery residence for alcoholics and addicts. Treats troubled adults and teens. In Atlanta, GA.
  • Private Clinic North - Methadone treatment for opiate addicted individuals. Goal is a drug free life. In Rossville, GA.
  • Southern Crescent Health Resources - Provides treatment, education, and prevention services for alcohol and drug abuse as well as other living problems. [May not work for all browsers.]
  • St. Jude's Recovery Center - Innovative alcoholism and drug addiction treatment and prevention. Residential and outpatient services. In Atlanta, GA.
  • Willingway Hospital - An alcohol and drug treatment facility located in Statesboro, Georgia.

Hawaii Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Bobby Benson Center - A residential campus that provides chemical dependency treatment programs that includes counseling, peering and family support. Located in Kahuku, Hawaii.
  • Drug Addiction Services of Hawaii - DASH provides comprehensive services for outreach, early intervention, and treatment services for addicted populations. Treatments also may include methadone.
  • Habilitat "Place of Change" - Long-term treatment program located in Hawaii. We are building better people not better prisons.
  • Waikoloa Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center - Helping individuals with treatments, assessments, alcohol/drug abuse, tobacco cessation, teens, and young women's self awareness programs. Located in Hawaii.

Idaho Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Harmony House Drug Treatment for Adolescents - Community based residential treatment for adolescents who are chemically dependent or abusing drugs and alcohol. Accepts both males and females ages 13 through 17.
  • The Walker Center - Provides care for drug and alcohol addiction. Located in Gooding, ID.

Illinois Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Alpha Counseling Center - Information about the services offered which include a complete DUI program, assessment, evaluation, remedial education, counseling/treatment, after care, and updates for administrative hearings.
  • Cathedral Shelter of Chicago - Illinois' oldest residential substance abuse treatment program.
  • Community Counseling Center of the Fox Valley - Information about the organization as well as its services which includes adults and children in need of mental health and addictions treatment in Kane, Kendall, DeKalb and western DuPage counties of Illinois.
  • The Community Service Council Of Northern Will County - Non-profit agency dedicated to providing sliding scale fee based counseling services to the residents of Northern Will County and surrounding areas.
  • New Hope Recover Center - Inpatient and outpatient treatment for alcoholism and other dependencies at Chicago's Lincoln Park Hospital.
  • Professional Consultations, Inc. - Substance abuse and drug screenings and DUI evaluations. Counseling for child, teen, adult, and family in substance abuse and other mental health problems. Thirty professionals in West Dundee, Crystal Lake, Hoffman Estates, Geneva, and Sycamore; IL.
  • Programs at Gateway Foundation, Inc. - Information about the alcohol and other drug abuse treatment services.
  • The Rational Recovery Center of Chicagoland - Information about a course available for giving up your addictions for good.
  • Rosecrance Treatment Centers - Alcohol and drug treatment center located in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Seadac - South East Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center, which provides treatment for alcohol and drug abuse in Chicago, Illinois.
  • TapResources, Inc. - Licensed service provider of substance abuse intervention and education services. Located in Peoria, Illinois.
  • White Oaks Companies of Illinois - A treatment center located in Peoria, Illinois for alcohol and chemical abuse. Offers treatment options for men, women, seniors, and adolescents.
  • Women's Treatment Center - Offers treatment including dextox, , social services, medical care and mental health services for women and their children in the Chicago area.

Indiana Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • La Verna Lodge - A not-for-profit residential alcohol treatment facility for men who have a difficult time maintaining sobriety. La Verna provides 90 days of residential treatment for up to 12 men. Located in Carmel, Indiana.
  • Life Treatment Centers - Help for drug and alcohol addictions. Where there is life, there is hope.
  • Tara Treatment Center, Inc. - In-patient residential, transitional, intensive outpatient, and outpatient services for adult men and women. Located in Franklin, Indiana.

Iowa Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Rients Assessment & Consultation Services, Inc. - Details about the corporation, its services, references, FAQs and contact information. Located in Ames.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Center Unit of Iowa (SATUCI) - Provides outpatient treatment and education services to the citizens of Marshall, Hardin, Tama, and Poweshiek Counties.

Kansas Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Alcohol and Drug Dependence Resources - Recovery Central, the web site of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-Kansas City, offers resources for dependency and addiction recovery.
  • The Doan Center for Counseling - Services for substance use and addiction treatment. In El Dorado, KS.
  • Footprints Alcoholics Victorious - A recovery program sponsored by Kansas City Area churches to introduce people to Christ-centered recovery. There are various courses of study offered throughout the year, which include meetings for individuals at all levels of recovery.
  • Mainstream Kansas City, Inc. - Residential treatment for chemical dependency. Gender-specific treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction, with separate centers for men and women. Located in Bonner Springs, Kansas.
  • Professional Renewal Center - An international center for professionals with substance and/or behavioral addictions.

Kentucky Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • The Bridge To Recovery - Residential recovery center in Bowling Green, KY specializing in recovery from substance abuse and other types of compulsive behavior.
  • Wholeness Network, Inc - Details about this organization which provides Christ-centered Twelve Step study groups, one-on-one ministry and resource networking for emotionally wounded women. Located in Lexington.

Louisiana Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Gateway Recovery Systems - Long-term residential community for treatment of addictions including the dual diagnosed. Features a structured family environment. Honesty, trust, and self-help are stressed. Located in Harvey, Louisiana.
  • The Journey Home - Long term residence. Program based on offering respect, support, and empowerment to females ages fourteen and up facing addictions. In Denham Springs, Louisiana.
  • New Beginnings - Residential implementation of drug and alcohol addiction therapy.
  • Palmetto Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center - Facility provides residential and outpatient therapy for treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, chemical dependence, gambling addiction, and sexual addiction.
  • The Right Step - Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Rehab - Drug and alcoholism treatment program for adults and teens. Locations throughout Texas and Louisiana. Learn about inpatient and outpatient programs for alcoholism and addiction.
  • St. Christopher's Halfway House - A system of structured transitional living facilities for men with chemical dependencies. In Louisiana.
  • Way Builders - A live-in Christian treatment center focusing on the "Word of God". A type of "Bible Boot Camp" for men. In Covington, Louisiana.

Maine Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Addiction Workshop - Information about education through substance abuse workshops led by Nicolas Ruf. Located in Rockland. Includes biography and a message board.
  • The Recovery Center - Located at Mercy Hospital's Westbrook health care center. Inpatient and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Maryland Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Adjunct Online Drug and Alcohol Helping Services - Convenient and reasonably priced help and support to deal with alcohol and other drug problems. This help is available on-line, or in person for those in the Baltimore area.
  • Circle Treatment Center - Provides alcohol and drug abuse counselling services is Gaithersburg.
  • Columbia Addictions Center - Substance abuse treatment and education program in Howard County, Maryland.
  • Courage to Change Foundation - Recovery houses in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
  • Find a Therapist, Maryland - Find a mental health professional in Maryland. Detailed profiles for in office visits or online counseling.
  • House of Hope - A recovery house for Jewish men with the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism. Located in Baltimore.
  • Nicholas M. Palmieri - Substance abuse services including assessments, evaluations, adult and adolescent counseling and dual diagnosis. Located in Eldersburg.
  • Nick's Place - Sober halfway house, located in the Washington, DC metro area, for young men 18-25 who have completed a treatment program for addiction/alcoholism.

Massachusetts Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • CAB Health and Recovery Services - Substance abuse and other drug related treatment and prevention services in the Boston area.
  • Find a Therapist or Mental Health Professional in Massachusetts - Locate a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or marriage and family counselor. Free, personal referral service to a qualified, licensed therapist.
  • Genesis Counseling Services, Inc - Non-profit organization provides outpatient substance abuse treatment for adolescents, women, men and families. Downtown Framingham, MA. [May not work for all browsers.]
  • The Lenair Technique: Effortless Painless Sobriety - This technique is a progressive, alternative outpatient treatment that quickly removes the physical psychological cravings for alcohol, without typical withdrawal symptoms. Located in Newbury, MA.
  • Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information and Education - Online searchable database of alcohol and drug abuse treatment resources throughout Massachusetts.
  • Speare Intervention Counseling - Groton, MA based counseling center provides treatment and recovery for chemical dependency, addictive and compulsive behaviors, alcoholism, and training in interventions.
  • Steppingstone Inc. - A residential and support services center for substance abuse located in Fall River, MA.

Michigan Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Center for Narcotics Detoxification Under Anesthesia - One day drug-free treatment for heroin, methadone, and opiates with minimal withdrawal symptoms. In Bloomfield Hills, MI.
  • Larry Templin - Recovery is Possible - Information on recovery from alcohol, drug addiction, and compulsive behavior. Provides services, articles, and a self-help store. Located in Warren.
  • Our Hope - Provides treatment to women with alcohol and drug dependencies in a residential and intensive outpatient setting. Located in Grand Rapids.
  • ReLife - Helps people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, along with other mental health problems, in Birmingham, MI.

Minnesota Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • All Things Victorious - Learn through group sessions from leaders who have "walked the walk". Be guided and helped as you learn to recover your health, your life, your digity. Located in Richfield, Minnesota.
  • Club Recovery Treatment Center - Minneapolis - Outpatient drug, alcohol, and gambling treatment center serving the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St Paul.
  • Cornerstone Recovery Center - Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for adults and adolescents, located in Waconia, MN. Other services provided are evaluation and referral service, and an alcohol/drug education program.
  • Lakes Counseling Center - Detroit Lakes - An outpatient treatment center for substance abuse and dependency. Programs provide services for adults, adolescents, and their families. Educational seminars for DUI and minor consuming offenses are also provided on site.
  • New Beginnings at Waverly - Residential and outpatient chemical dependancy treatment facility in rural Minnesota.
  • Project Turnabout - Treatment for drug or alcohol dependency and gambling addiction. Locations in Granite Falls, Redwood Falls, and Marshall.
  • Recovery Coaching, Inc. - Offers substance abuse services in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Recovery Happens - Provides outpatient treatment for adolescent and young adults and families with drug/alcohol and mental health issues in Minnesota.
  • The Retreat - Information about the non-clinical, mutual-help approach to the problem of alcohol and drug abuse. Details about the community, its schedule, registration, costs and contacts.
  • Temporary Living Center - A treatment center where adolescent girls begin the recovery process away from chemical dependency by supporting one another and through the help professional counselors.
  • Way 12 Halfway House - Residential secondary Alcohol and Drug treatment for adolescent males age 16-25.

Mississippi Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Transitional Residential Treatment - Transtional living for homeless alcoholics and/or addicts. Male, over 18, 6 months program. 12-step spiritual program.

Missouri Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Alcoholics Victorious - A safe environment where recovering people who recognize Jesus Christ as their "Higher Power" gather together and share their experience, strength and hope. Both the 12 Steps and the Alcoholics Victorious Creed. In Kansas City.
  • Ameliorating Alcohol Substance Abuse & Pre-Vocational Center - Offers help to deal with the alcohol & substance abuse issues. Also provides pre-vocational training.
  • Escape Alcohol & Drug Outpatient Counseling Center - Lists the services available, a brief look at outpatient counseling, chemical dependency and costs.
  • Escape Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Counseling - Mid-Missouri state certified center providing SATOP, DWI programs, court evaluations, assessments, A.A., N.A., Alateen, Al-Anon, and chemical dependency services.
  • Family Counseling Center - Alcohol, drug and substance abuse counseling and ilitation, mental health services, and family counseling facilities serving all of Southeast Missouri.
  • Friendship House - Offers services to help women in recovery learn to live soberly and become economically self-reliant.

Montana Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • New Directions Program - Adolescent drug abuse addiction counseling, facts, books, professional training, and referral.
  • Rocky Mountain Treatment Center - RMTC offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, and psychiatric disorders. Located in Great Falls.

Nebraska Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Center Pointe - Helps people with mental health and substance abuse problems attain healthy, productive lives. Located in Lincoln, NE.
  • St. Monica's Behavioral Health Services for Women - St. Monica's provides substance abuse treatment to women, adolescent girls, pregnant women, and mothers with children. Includes both inpatient and outpatient programs.
  • Teen Challenge of the Midlands - Part of Teen Challenge International, a ministry dedicated to helping people with addiction in Nebraska and Iowa.

Nevada Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Fountain Ridge - Medically managed withdrawal, multi-addiction, dual diagnosis, and residential treatment center. Located in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Intervention Solutions - Offers services for families dealing with alcohol addiction, substance abuse, gambling addiction and other self-destructive behaviors. Includes details about the process, resources and contact details.
  • Lighthouse of the Sierra - Private non-profit agency serving Northern Nevada providing treatment for chemically dependent women and their families.
  • Vitality Center - Northeastern Nevada alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility offers a wide range of programs and services for individuals and families with alcohol and drug abuse problems

New Hampshire Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester - Community center that offers psychiatric assistance, substance abuse, DBT and acute care services.
  • St Jude's Residence - Residential treatment program for alcoholics and drug addicts using the Twelve Step method. Located in Center Ossipee, NH.

New Jersey Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Addictionoptions - Providing rational, research-based evaluation and treatment for people concerned about their use of alcohol or drugs. In Manasquan, NJ. [May not work on all browsers.}
  • Caron Foundation - Non-profit addiction, co-dependency and chemical dependency treatment center providing services for adults and adolescents in Wernersville.
  • CPC Behavioral Healthcare - A non-profit organization in New Jersey that cares for children, adolescents, adults, and families in addiction recovery both on an in-patient and out-patient basis.
  • Endeavor House on the Bay - To help clients overcome harmful consequences of addiction through behavior modification, Twelve Step foundation, individual and group therapy. Includes family program and dual diagnosis. In Keyport, New Jersey.
  • Freedom House - Providing cost-effective, long-term residential treatment for adult males recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction who are at high risk of relapse without further treatment.
  • Good News Home for Women - Christian nonprofit long-term residential alcohol and drug ilitation center. Treatment program for women who want help to recover from addictions. Non-sectarian, but spiritually focused program.
  • Lance Gooberman, MD - Treatment for drug dependent patients. Includes a mission statement, pricing, detoxification, and information about the facility. Located in Merchantville, New Jersey.
  • Lighthouse at May's Landing - A residential drug and alcohol treatment center offers in-patient and out-patient services. Evaluation, detox, and ilitation for adults and adolescents. Out-patient also available in Atlantic City and Manahawkin.
  • Little Hill Alina Lodge - A 60 bed, long term, residential ilitation center for chemically addicted people. Specializing in treatment chronic relapse. In Blairstown, New Jersey.
  • Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House for Women - A 14-bed, 12-step, halfway house for recovering women located in Morristown, New Jersey. It is named after the wife of AA's co-founder, Bill Wilson.
  • New Pathway Counseling Services Inc. - Alcoholism / Drug Addiction, intensive out-patient ilitation program and counseling services. Detox referrals, drug and alcohol testing, and psychiatric/psychological services offered.
  • Recovery Options - Private practice of addiction psychology dedicated exclusively to treating substance use disorders and related mental health problems. New York City and Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Seabrook House Foundation - Provides detoxification and residential treatment for chemical dependency. Family program available. Located in Seabrook, NJ.
  • US Detox Treatment for Opiate Addiction - Dedicated to offering drug dependent patients a humane, cost-effective treatment in a compassionate environment conducive to beginning a lifelong 12-step recovery program. In Merchantville, New Jersey.

New Mexico Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Focused Recovery - Private, non-residential program for the treatment of addiction. Located in Albuquerque.
  • New Mexico Monitored Treatment Program (MTP) - Provides long term continuing care treatment for health care professionals affected by alcohol and/or drugs. Located in Albuquerque, NM.

New York Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Addiction Recovery Institute - Specializes in personalized overnight detoxification from prescription opiates including Vicodin, Methadone, Oxycontin and heroin. Located in Manhattan and Westchester County.
  • Alcoholism and Drugs - Amy Zachary CSW, MA, alcoholism and drug interventionist serving the New York area.
  • Arms Acres - A 129-bed residential alcoholism and substance abuse treatment facility. Provides adolescent, dual focus, and women's programs. In Carmel, New York.
  • Carnegie Hill Institute - Substance abuse tratment center offering psychotherapy, methadone maintenance, and detoxification in New York, NY.
  • Crossings Recovery Centers - Clinic outpatient treatment for drugs and alcohol.
  • Dianova USA - Offers drug abuse prevention, treatment, and ilitation programs.
  • Drug Rehabilitation Programs and Boarding Schools (New York) - Offers private boarding school drug treatment.
  • Harobor Lights - For adults and adolescents suffering from alcohol or drug related problems. Family members can use their services even if the individual with the problem does not. Located in Mexico, NY.
  • The Institute for Staged Recovery - A New York center directed towards an integrated psychospiritual and therapeutic approach to recovery.
  • Kids Escaping Drugs - Inpatient residential drug treatment facility for adolescents with drug and alcohol addiction and other chemical dependency. Renaissance Campus is near Buffalo.
  • Lexington Center for Recovery - A nonprofit treating alcoholism and other drug dependencies. Non-profit for affordable program of recovery. In Westchester County, NY.
  • Nepenthe Counseling Center and Care House - Treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. Supportive sober housing with affiliated Care House. Assessment, treatment, and all appropriate referrals to other agencies to meet our clients needs.
  • New Directions - Alcoholism and substance abuse treatment program on outpatient basis. Non-profit. Located in Brooklyn, NY.
  • New Hope Manor - Women's residential substance abuse treatment community, located in Barryville.
  • Pelion - A private outpatient diagnostic and treatment clinic located in downtown Syracuse. Offers alcohol, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis counseling services.
  • Psychotherapy Resources for the Treatment of Addictive Disorders - A private, upscale outpatient facility treating of addictive disorders, chemical dependency, and substance abuse. Confidential opiate detoxification and psychotherapy provided by licensed professionals.
  • Recovery Options - Private practice of addiction psychology dedicated exclusively to treating substance use disorders and related mental health problems. New York City and Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Southoaks Hospital - Comprehensive mental health center with nationally renowned drug and alcohol abuse detox programs. Located in Amityville, NY.
  • St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - Details about the center for alcohol and drug treatment which is residential and outpatient. Includes admission information, services and contact details.
  • Stephen M Gilman, MD - Addiction psychiatrist in private practice in NYC. Speaker and Media Consultant.

North Carolina Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina - Seeks to reduce the human suffering and economic cost of alcoholism and other drug abuse and addiction. Features information on programs and contact details.
  • ARCA - Addiction Recovery Care Association - Details about this Winston-Salem based addiction recovery and drug ilitation program for individuals, families, employeers and communities. Includes information on the program, symptoms of addiction and services offered.
  • Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. - Providing professional assistance to those in need of prevention, crisis intervention, criminal justice alternatives, community outreach, and substance abuse treatment services. Located in Wilmington, NC.
  • Counseling Insights - Provides DWI assessments, alcohol and drug education, and treatment to English and Spanish speaking clients. Locations in Charlotte and Statesville.
  • Fellowship Hall Treatment Center - A private, non-profit treatment center committed to helping people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction situated in Greensboro North Carolina.
  • The Healing Place of Wake County - Offers services to homeless substance abusers in Raleigh, NC.
  • Lighthouse Outreach Ministries, Inc. - A non-profit Christian home for male alcohol and drug addicts who have completed a treatment or detox program and desire a structured environment to further their recovery. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • North Carolina Pharmacist Recovery Network - Non-profit organization dedicated to the early identification, intervention and treatment of, as well as monitoring and advocacy for, the impaired pharmacists and pharmacy students of North Carolina.
  • North Mecklenburg Substance Abuse Services - Provides 20 hour and 40 hour DWI programs meets state requirements. Alcohol assesment. Introduction to Twele Step programs. In Cornelius, NC.
  • Southeast Addiction Institute and Learning Center - An outpatient treatment center. Charlotte, NC.
  • Wilmington Treatment Center - Offers services to assist individuals with alcohol and drug dependency problems. Includes FAQs, contact details, programs and a self test.

Ohio Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Chemical Dependency Services - Provides online counseling to those suffering from addictions. Located in Bolivar, Ohio.
  • Clermont Recovery Center - Offers drug and alcoholism screening services to the residents of Clermont County. Located in Batavia, OH.
  • David W. McKone - Adolescent chemical dependency counselor in Toledo, OH.
  • Focus Healthcare - Alcohol and drug addiction treatment and ilitation programs. Residential facilities in Georgia, Delaware, Ohio and Florida.
  • Harbor House - Details about the organization which is dedicated to the recovery of single mothers with chemical dependencies. Includes events, FAQs, success stories, who qualifies for assistance and contact information.
  • Kids Helping Kids: Adolescent drug and alcohol treatment - Unique long-term drug and alcohol treatment program based on AA's 1Twelve Steps and positive peer pressure. For adolescents ages 13-21 and their families since 1981.
  • The Sluggers Path - The addiction recovery path that looks like the basepath. Features the "Big 5" values/commitments and five levels of recovery. Located in Dayton, OH.
  • Transition Assistance Foundation - Offers services to addicts in Lorain.

Oklahoma Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Love4Life Unlimited Corp. - Sober homes for women recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Education, quality housing, and moral and spiritual guidance enhance their re-entry to society. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. [May not work for all browsers.]
  • Oklahoma Department of Mental Health - Provides information on services available to those affected by mental illness, chemical dependency, domestic violence, or sexual assault.
  • Phoenix Gate, Inc - Non-profit community based organization with detox, substance abuse, and offender reintegration programs.
  • SOS Substance Abuse Services - Offers an array of services in the Oklahoma County area such as: extended outpatient services, DUI Schools, and other resources.
  • Tri-City Substance Abuse - Information on our treatment center and about the statistics involved with alcoholism and drug addiction. In Seminole, Oklahoma.

Oregon Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • ADAPT Treatment Programs - Employment for addiction counselors and family therapists. Alcoholism, drug addiction and DUII treatment in Roseburg, Grants Pass, and North Bend.
  • Addictions Recovery Center - ARC has been offering affordable, confidential, individualized treatment and services, to individuals and their families experiencing problems with chemical dependency for over 25 years. Located in Southern Oregon.
  • Alcoholism and DrugTreatment - If you or someone you love needs treatment, this is the first step in recovery. Located in Jefferson, OR.
  • Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare - Provides substance abuse services in Portland, OR.
  • Celebrate Recovery - Christian 12-step support groups for men and women. Located in Tualatin.
  • ICARUS - Offering chemical dependency and other mental health related services.
  • Serenity Lane - List services for alcoholism and drug abuse treatment. Articles and contact details. Located in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Willamette Family Treatment Services - Alcohol and drug treatment services in Eugene, Oregon.

Pennsylvania Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Blue Mountain House of Hope - Provides inpatient substance abuse treatment services in Kempton, PA.
  • Cedar Avenue House of Lower Bucks County - Dedicated to providing services to chemically dependent males during early stages of recovery. Our semi-protected and home-like living facility assists clients in their gradual re-entry into the community. Located in Croydon, Pennsylvania.
  • Colonial House, Inc. - An affordable inpatient treatment alternative when insurance funding is inadequate or exhausted. Provides a full treatment schedule, enough structure to ensure abstinence, and ample time to practice the newly acquired skills needed to maintain recovery.
  • Gateway Rehabilitation Center: EAP - Employee Assistance Program with several locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • Greenbriar Treatment Center - Residential treatment program for alcohol and other drug dependecy.
  • Leadem Counseling - Private organization designed to offer counseling and consulting services to individual clients and school systems.
  • Livengrin Foundation - Private, nonprofit corporation which has provides addiction treatment and education for individuals and families. Located in Bensalem.
  • Marworth - Provider of alcohol and chemical dependency services. Residential facility of 77 beds. Includes a family program. In Waverly, PA.
  • New Beginning Ministry - Non-profit sober house and retreat center. Recovery program based upon the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Located in Beach Lake, PA.
  • Northwestern Institute - A fully licensed and acredited 146 bed private psychiatric hospital. Services include intensive care, dual diagnosis, and detox. Also our specialized women, children, older adult, and adolescent programs. In Fort Washington, PA.
  • Oxford House in Bethlehem PA - An autonomous recovery house for men with drug and alcohol issues seeking a supportive environment in which to live.
  • Pyramid Healthcare - Inpatient and outpatient treatment services for adults and adolescents for the treatment of drug, alcohol and mental health problems.
  • Sojourner House - Faith-based residential ilitation facility where addicted women learn to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty and chemical abuse. In Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Spaw Counseling Services - Outpatient treatment services for adults and adolescents for the treatment of drug, alcohol and mental health problems. In Bellefonte, Philipsburg, and Snow Shoe, PA.

Rhode Island Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Duncan Lodge - Small private pay mental health treatment center with only five private patient suites, located in Providence. [May not work for all browsers.]
  • Stanley Street Treatment and Resources (SSTAR) - A non-profit health care and social service agency. Provides a wide range of mental health and substance abuse treatment services to people throughout the communities of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

South Carolina Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Phoenix Counseling Center - This is an alcohol and drug, drug screening, individual, group, and couples counseling center in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Three Rivers Center for Behavioral Health - Provides details on in-patient and outpatient services to adolescents, adults, and seniors for psychiatric and substance abuse related illnesses; located in West Columbia.
  • Wisdom in Living Life Ministry - Offers resources for the Christian community in the areas of addiction, treatment, and prevention. Located in Greenville.

South Dakota Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Full Circle - Behavior Management Systems - A treatment and prevention program for pregnant women. Located in South Dakota.
  • Keystone Treatment Center - Safe effective treatment for alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. In Canton SD.

Tennessee Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Center for Professional Excellence - Provides treatment for professionals with addictions in Nashville.
  • Cumberland Heights - Alcohol and drug treatment center near Nashville, TN on the banks of the Cumberland River. Offers inpatient and outpatient services for individuals as well as programs for family members.
  • Discovery Place - On-site spiritual retreat center in Burns (near Nashville) offering drug and alcohol recovery through the 12 Step program.
  • Foundations Associates - Recovery Network - Advocacy organization for individuals with a dual diagnosis (substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders). Many resources for consumers and professional service providers. Nashville, TN.
  • A Friend of Bill's Recovery Homes - A structured residential living program for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts which promotes living in society as sober and productive individuals.
  • Harbor House - Offers residential, halfway and outpatient care to chemically dependent persons based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Located in Memphis.
  • Life Center Foundation - Substance abuse residential recovery program in Clarksville.
  • New Life Lodge Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center - Offers in-patient and outpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment, at center located on over 100 acres in Burns, near Nashville.
  • Pathfinders - Inpatient and residential treatment program for recovering alcoholics and addicts that offers intensive, structured, individualized programs in an informal and relaxed environment.
  • The Ranch - Structured residential healing facility offering treatment for alcohol and drug dependency and other disorders in the midst of a 2000-acre working quarter horse and cattle operation in Nunnelly in Middle Tennessee.
  • Tony Rice Center, Inc. - Nonprofit organization providing residential treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, in Shelbyville in Middle Tennessee. Information about the program, fundraising, and nearby housing to assist the dually-diagnosed with independent living.

Texas Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Alcohol and Drug Interventions - Professional alcohol and drug intervention specialist. Learn about the intervention process. Schedule an intervention for an alcoholic or addict.
  • Alcohol Recovery of America - Kansas and Texas - State-of-the-art medical and psychosocial treatment in a private and respectful outpatient setting. Specialists in the medical treatment of alcoholism utilizing DEPADE, naltrexone hydrochloride.
  • Alpha and Omega Associates - Online and in-person drug and alcohol counseling. San Antonio.
  • Alternative Model of Alcoholism - A scientific model and its treatment is presented as an alternative to the 12-Step orientation of AA. In Texas.
  • Austin Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program, Inc. - Treatment programs certified by the State of Texas. Out-patient treatment,after-care, relapse prevention. Located in Austin Texas USA. DWI/PI offender programs.
  • Austin Recovery - Non-profit alcohol and drug treatment provider. Contains information on programs, facilities, administration and board of directors, volunteering and donations.
  • Basin Detox Systems Inc - A five-seven day medical detox for persons who have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol in Texas. Includes a program overview, FAQs and contact details.
  • Bay Brook Villa - A recovery center for alcohol and drug abuse. We offer men and women an effective program in a caring and understanding environment. Located in Texas City, Texas.
  • Burning Tree Recovery Ranch - Long-term residential drug and alcohol specializing in chronic relapsers. Dual Diagnosis treatment for substance abusers. Traditional and non-traditional methods. In Kaufman, TX.
  • Drug Offenders Education Program - Information about the state required course for reinstatement of drivers license, alcohol, drug, depression, marital and family counseling, parenting classes, and anger management courses offered.
  • Eternal Awakenings - Christian faith based residental program located in Lockhart, Texas.
  • FindingStone's Therapist Directory - Locate a mental health professional from detailed profiles.
  • First Step Substance Abuse & DWI Services - Provides DWI and substance abuse counseling and in Raleigh and Garner, NC.
  • The Freeman Center - Non-profit center located in Waco. Overview of services, staff profiles, objectives of treatment, referral information, and FAQ.
  • Hazel Street Recovery Center - Adolescent substance abuse long-term treatment for males 14 and older. In Texarkana, Texas
  • 180 House - Recovery oriented boarding house located in Abilene Texas. Features contact information, in house 12 step meetings, pricing, and testimonials.
  • La Hacienda Treatment Center - Treatment for alcoholism and other chemical dependencies. Located 65 miles northwest of San Antonio on the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country.
  • LifeForce Dallas - Transitional living center for men that accommodates up to eight residents and is within walking distance of 12-step meetings.
  • Matrix Alliance Recovery Services - A physician directed drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Dallas, Texas.
  • Pathology and the Study of Paths - Prevent relapse to addictive disorders including alcohol and drug abuse, cigarette smoking, and other addictive disorders by discovering the warning signals of a first lapse. Online services or in-office in Texas.
  • The Right Step - Residential drug and alcohol treatment program for adults and teens. Locations throughout Texas and Louisiana.
  • Sante Center for Healing - A residential treatment center, meeting the unique needs of a general population, as well as impaired professionals. Treatment specialties include substance abuse and dependency, sexual misconduct issues, compulsive and addictive disorders, and stress management and wellness.
  • Serenity House - Operates non-profit, fully accredited facilities in Abilene, Fredericksburg and Wichita Falls.
  • Serenity Outpatient Services - Outpatient program for chemical dependence and abuse in the El Paso area.
  • Solutions Outpatient Services - Alcohol, drug, and codependency intensive outpatient treatment program for adolescents and adults, utilizing the Twelve Step model and Family Systems approach in Dallas, Texas
  • Solutions Over Substances - TCADA licensed private alcohol, drugs and other addiction outpatient treatment program. Solution focused brief therapy in Dallas, Texas.
  • St. Francis Anglican Church Chemical Dependency Treatment Program - Faith-based treatment program, and pastoral counseling.
  • Starlite Recovery Center - Provides treatment to adults and adolescents who suffer from alcohol addiction and drug abuse. Located in Center Point, Texas.
  • Success House Recovery Center - A non-profit, supportive living recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction. Provides a link between intensive treatment and clean and sober independent living.
  • Texas Clinic-Hospital For Alcoholism, Inc. - Searcy opened in 1948 the Texas Clinic-Hospital, and Southwest Clinic. List of books available for order, AA / Al-Anon calendar of events, news, and resources.
  • Texas Interventions - National and local referrals for addictions counseling and information. Statewide assessments, interventions, counseling, and education.
  • Texas Tech Medical Center - Rapid Opiate Detoxification - A program for health-care and other professionals who want to be free from their opiate addiction. A unique medical approach to the treatment of opiate dependence.
  • Turning Point Counseling Center - Offers state-licensed programs in the Richardson area. Overview of services, client comments, program information, and contact details.

Utah Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Cirque Lodge - Combines traditional cognitive therapy with daily experiential sessions for addiction recovery. Also offering equine and other therapy treatments.
  • Four Corners Community Behavioral Health - Offers mental health and substance abuse services for Carbon, Emery, and Grand Counties in Utah.
  • Highland Ridge Hospital Treatment Center - Alcohol and drug abuse treatment center located outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. A resourceful addiction website offers information and tools to help with people's substance abuse concerns.
  • Passages To Recovery - Offers a drug treatment and alcoholism recovery program for adults suffering from the effects of addiction. Located in Loa.
  • The Utah Behavioral Healthcare Network, Inc. - Consists of all of the community mental health and substance abuse providers in Utah that operate under the responsibility of Local Mental Health and Substance Abuse Authorities (County Governments).

Vermont Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Clinical Supervision for Addiction Counselors - Resource for clinical supervision of alcohol and other drug abuse counselors, and information about clinical supervision services in New Hampshire and Vermont.
  • The Howard Center For Human Services - A private non-profit organization committed to providing effective treatment for people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, emotional crises and substance abuse issues. Located in Burlington, VT.

Virginia Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Commonwealth Addiction Treatment Center - Detoxification treatment for addiction to heroin, methadone or any other opiates, located in Richmond.
  • Drayton House - Information about the facility and the relapse-prevention programs for professionals in recovery from addictions in an upscale, non-medical setting.
  • Fred - Specializing in counseling and therapy dealing with the adult children of alcoholics. Located in Newport News, VA.
  • The Gonzalez Recovery Residence - Dignified transistional housing for individuals recovering from chemical dependency. Located in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board - Mental Health, Mental retardation, and substance abuse services for the people of Hampton and Newport News Virginia
  • Mary Ann Massey, EDD - Licensed marriage and family therapist of 25 years, who has worked extensively with individuals, couples, and families on a wide range of issues.
  • Mount Regis Center - An alcohol and drug abuse treatment center offering in-patient, outpatient, and intensive outpatient treatment. Located in Salem, Southwest Virginia.
  • SAARA - Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance. A non-profit addiction support organization, located in Fairfax, VA, helping alcohol and drug addicts recover from their addiction.
  • The William J. Farley Center - Treats addiction as a primary progressive disease that affects individuals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A 30 bed facility in Williamsburg, VA.

Washington, DC Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Drug Abuse Intervention - Intervention resources for alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, computer addiction, other self-destructive behavior. Vaughn J. Howland. Located in Washington, DC and Kensington, Maryland.
  • Executive Addictive Disease Programs - Offers information about the program approach, services, sober housing, and contact details.
  • Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers - One of the top treatment centers in the United States, LMRC has been recognized internationally for its work helping alcoholics and addicts achieve lasting sobriety. Effective and affordable. Locations in Western Washington.
  • The Living Center (TLC) - Relapse Prevention - Alcohol and Drug Treatment information and referral and services in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Narconon Washington DC - Church of Scientology drug treatment program.

Washington Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Affordable Services - Counseling and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, which includes family counseling and therapeutic foster care.
  • Evergreen Treatment Services - Methadone treatment for opioid dependence in Seattle and Western Washington.
  • Northwest Counseling Associates - Provides counseling, biofeedback, stress, pain & disability management, clinical psychology, psychotropic medication evaluation, health education, and prevention services in Seattle.
  • Palmerston Drug Rehabilitation - Rehabilitation service for illicit drug users and their families. Provides counseling, education, community support, awareness, and consultation services. Additional locations in Fremantle, Albany, Perth, Kwinana, Rockingham, Mandurah, Wellard, and others in Washington State.
  • Schick Shadel Hospital - Individualized medical treatment for addictions. Based in Seattle.
  • Social Treatment Opportunity Programs - Chemical dependence and domestic violence treatment. Intensive outpatient programs and victim impact panels. Domestic violence and anger management classes offered.
  • Val Roney Counseling in the Snoqualmie Valley - Prevention and substance abuse treatment services for all ages in the Snoqualmie Valley. Includes links to community help organizations such as AA, Al-anon, and the crisis clinic.

Wisconsin Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top

  • Hope Street - Provides housing and Christian discipleship to individuals in Milwaukee seeking to recover from drug and alcohol addictions.
  • Kinnic Falls ADA, Inc. - During treatment and early recovery, many issues that are disruptive or sobriety-threatening may be identified. All are not resolvable during primary treatment, needing extended time and support. We provide this assistance.
  • The Lazarus Foundation - A safe housing and ilitation concept for persons recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.
  • St Clare Center for Chemical Dependency - List of all programs for drug and alcohol abuse. Located in Baraboo, WI.

Wyoming Drug and alcohol treatment programs Top



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